Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 43 with PA+++ Review

The search for the best foundation to do wonders on the skin seems to be endless. Problems or imperfections always tend to come along with loved foundations in the long run. As someone with a combination oily and acne prone skin, foundations are the make-up essentials that I keenly look for. I probably have over six foundations that I toggle with every now and then. I use them depending on where I go and on the kind of weather I am having. I have discovered the Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation with SPF 43 PA +++ on my quest to finding new foundations. I fell in love with it by the time I tried it on in the store.

The Packaging

























The Product

Shiseideo Sun Protection Liquid Foundation with SPF 43 PA +++ is nothing short to a miracle. It is a liquid foundation equipped with an SPF that can protect your skin for as long as 7 hours with a tad bit of ability to resist water. The skin needs protection, which explains why sun protection creams are big these days. But how convenient it would be if you can get both sun protection and foundation all in one. Most foundations now have sun protection with them but mostly they only last for 2.5 hours. That is not much especially if you are out most of the time. With Shiseido’s Sun Protection Liquid Foundation, we do no longer have to fret over such troubles because they’ve done it.

The consistency of the product is runny and more on the liquid side. The texture and feel is smooth on the skin. It smells a lot like a sun screen, however it is not that strong for me, at least. The product is stored in an aquamarine squeeze bottle that has a mixing ball inside it so that you can shake it whenever you have to use it. Shiseido has a line of sun screen creams before they introduced this foundation. They have adapted the style of the packaging to that sun screen line.

The bottle is small and you can take it with you wherever without worrying about the weight on your purse. It is very convenient for the summer when the heat is intense and people tend to go out a lot. It is great for using it on the beach or spending a day at the pool – simply your summer’s best friend.

The Coverage

This liquid foundation has a light satiny coverage that makes your skin have that healthy glow. It does not feel sticky or heavy and can be great for an every day foundation. For a foundation that can last at least 8 hours, it is not thick. The great thing about it is that the longer it stays on you, the better it looks on your skin. After 4 hours, unlike most liquid foundation where you already see some oil masquerading your T-zone, this foundation does an amazing job at controlling the oil on the face. I personally have a combination oily skin, and most of the foundations have failed me in the long run. I am so happy to have found this foundation because so far, after 7 months of using it, I can say it does a fair job at not making me look oiled up.

Even as it is a light coverage foundation, it does great on covering veins, as seen in a sample photo I did at the back of my hand. For people who have blemishes, however, you may need a concealer for that. I will not suggest to just fully rely on this foundation for covering blemishes, pimples and scarring. I noticed that you need to make sure you shake the bottle real good before you use the product because if the product is not mixed well, the coverage on the skin will get a little oily or it will not last that long. On its claims being water resistant, there is a little resistance, however, it is not a fully water resistant foundation. Water can still wash away some of the product. This is one of the reasons why you need a good make up remover when cleaning up at the end of the day because some of its products may still stay on the skin.

Over all, I love this product that I would recommend it. However, its array of shades is very poor, probably because the Japanese skin is mostly fair. I suggest to really try it on the store before deciding on purchasing. It is also important to check on the ingredients first to know if there is anything in the product that can be an allergen – this will save you money and worries on rashes.




Pros: Great thin satiny coverage that has sun protection for as long as 7 hours, equipped with a technology that allows the skin to become better looking after long usage, semi water resistant, paraben-free, great at controlling oil on the T-zone, coverage is buildable, makes the skin a healthy glow even after hours of usage, and great for the summer and for outdoor activities.

Cons: The price ($30 USD / 1,600 Php); it has a strong fragrance; light coverage; poor shade options.

Rating: A+

3 thoughts on “Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 43 with PA+++ Review

  1. I love Shiseido! They make some of my fave sun protection, it feels really light on my face! I used to use the translucent stick and was totally devastated when they discontinued it. Great review!

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